Hakodate in Hokkaido is surrounded by the sea and mountains, in an environment where we can get superb benefit from nature.
The origin of the taste of Snaffle's lies in Mother Nature. Seeking the taste which gives excitement to you every time you have a bite, we continuously strive to create a unique taste.

Very Fresh, Very Delicious, And Authentic

Under these three ideas, we produce cakes with fresh materials and skillful techniques so that we achieve sophisticated quality.

To Singapore from Hokkaido

store in Singapore

In Snaffle's, every morning and every day, under the counter, we arrange the freshest colorful cakes made by professional pâtissiers.
Generously using the enviable ingredients of Hokkaido, the sweets convey the feeling of the four seasons in Hokkaido.
Including places such as Plaza Singapura, a large shopping center in Singapore, we offer variety of confectionaries cultivated in Hokkaido. We are a well known pastry shop in Hakodate, Hokkaido, and we have developed the spirit of creating high quality products and serving customers since our foundation.


We will deliver you our confectioneries that are surprisingly tasty.
They are made of the most select ingredients chosen by our professional pâtissiers.

Yamakawa Bokujyo Tokunou Milk

Rich fresh milk ideal for pastry making.

The cows are raised in a relaxing atmosphere in the meadows of Onuma.
The freshly squeezed milk is very thick with floating milk fat and ideal for pastry making. We use our own feedstuffs. Under an integrated system from production, processing and sales, we serve safe and delicious milk every morning.

cream cheese of an original store brand

We have developed our original cream cheese.

We have developed cream cheese exclusively for omelets.
The cream cheese made through trial and error is characterized by a milky taste but without a salty taste. It supports the gentle flavor of cheese omelets.

Sarada Kibun

The secret of our eggs that harmonize with our confectioneries

Our brand of eggs is called "Salad Mood". The chickens are raised on giving feedstuffs blended with millet and corn. There is no smell because we don't use any animal proteins such as fish in the feedstuffs, so the eggs are excellently matched with other ingredients used for making confectioneries.
They have an important supporting role for enhancing our taste.


Catch cakes

What is "Catch cakes" ?

Bringing you happy moments of delicious delicious. We hope this name will stay in your mind and taste it without any second thought forever. This is the reason why we choose this name. "Catch cakes"・・・・・

Our Catch cakes are made using fresh ingredients generously and carefully made by craftmans' hands one by one.
We are making our confectioneries with the wish that customers abroad will also enjoy the superiority of the raw materials of Hokkaido.

  • Catch cakes / Chocolate
  • Mango cheese tarte
  • 雪球

Shop information of Singapore

Plaza Singapore

Plaza Singapore, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore 238839
TEL.+65 6884 6077


Store in Hokkaido

When you travel to Hokkaido, remember to visit Snaffle's.


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